Responsible Gaming

Committed to operators and players

Although Openbox Gaming is not a gaming operator and therefore has minimal contact with end-users, responsible gaming forms an important part of our Company’s ethos.

Our industry encourages socially responsible behavior wherever possible, and we at Openbox Gaming are no exception; we proactively seek to avoid any gaming-related issues while providing our services both fairly and legally.

Audit and Control

Openbox Gaming games are regularly reviewed by independent bodies that are formally accredited to ensure fairness. As such, our games are Random Number Generator tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International, Quinel and Gaming Associates this is also a prerequisite for all markets in which we operate.


Openbox Gaming is licensed and regulated by several industry governing bodies, and games are only released upon receiving their seal of approval.

We also follow strict protocol to comply with responsible gaming law for all jurisdictions in which we operate or where our games are provided.

User Protection

All of our games are integrated with software that prevents cheating. Relevant testing is performed internally, and then verified by an independent third-party.

We are committed to operating a responsible business. We have safeguards in place to ensure that we provide a safe gambling experience for all our players.